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Storage Solutions for any Scale, Performance or Investment

ON-LINE has been helping organizations with the Data Storage solutions for more than 25 years. We’re strategically partnered with leading OEM’s to support the needs across multiple platforms from entry-level to enterprise. Find out how we can help your business achieve its’ storage objectives by introducing cost-effective solutions to align with the requirements of your specific business applications. DataStore

Professional Services

Whether you need to extend your existing physical Data Center infrastructure, complete a seamless migration to the Cloud, integrate state-of-the-art collaboration and mobility solutions, or execute a strategic IT initiative, ON-LINE Professional Services can help. We leverage an experienced team of consultative professionals, who take a collaborative approach to implementing cost-effective technology solutions capable of supporting your business goals today and tomorrow. ProfServices

Data Center and Network Infrastructure

The complexity of todays Data Centers requires intelligent planning and design foresight to meet the ever increasing demands for Power, Cooling, Environmental Monitoring, Security and Remote Access Management. ON-LINE can provide end-to-end data center capabilities and solutions to meet the needs in all areas of subject matter and a professional team to deliver on time and within budget. DataCenter

Recent News

5 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2016
By Bernard Golden, CIO; Jan 20, 2016

I believe 2016 will deliver the coup de grace to the “enterprise cloud.” Going forward, every cloud provider with ambitions to be a major market presence will have to fight on the territory of the big players, which will pose its own set of challenges.

What's Next in Storage: LTO-7 News, 2016 Predictions

Tape has continued to be a strong choice for storage managers in 2015, and the LTO Program has been hard at work on LTO-7, the next generation of tape technology. LTO technology is reliable, and innovations like LTFS leverage the power of tape to be combined with disk or flash to present customers with a common storage pool. Over the coming year we will see more LTFS based solutions like tNAS which will allow tape to be more accessible to new markets with requirements for long term data retention for big data at low cost.

Why Tape still matters today
Posted on December 8, 2015 by Joseph Ortiz

The amount of capacity needed for cold data will only continue to increase over time, as will the monthly costs for storing it month after month, year after year. However, a lower cost effective alternative is readily available today; Tape.

VMware vSphere 6 release good news for storage admins
Posted October 2015 Vol. 14 No. 8 by Arun Taneja TechTarget

VMware's vSphere 6 release shows that the vendor is aiming for a completely software-defined data center with a fully virtualized infrastructure.

7 Enterprise Mobility Statistics You Should Know
June 12, 2015

Key enterprise mobility statistic: The number of devices managed in the enterprise increased 72% from 2014 to 2015. These statistics make it clear: employees increasingly have an expectation of working from anywhere and organizations must enable simple and secure enterprise mobility solutions to support this new model of work.

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