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ON-LINE has been helping organizations with the Data Storage solutions for more than 25 years. We’re strategically partnered with leading OEM’s to support the needs across multiple platforms from entry-level to enterprise. Find out how we can help your business achieve its’ storage objectives by introducing cost-effective solutions to align with the requirements of your specific business applications.

Across all industries, Data Storage is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the IT budget thanks to enterprise-wide transactional systems, massive data warehouses and explosive growth in e-mail traffic. It is a daunting challenge for IT executives to manage the rising volume, increase in cost, and decipher the complexity of storage. Options range widely when considering architecture, design, operations and performance.

“ON-LINE” Storage Consultants have been providing performance driven Data Storage Products, Services and Solutions since 1987. Our years of industry experience help solve complex data issues by employing the latest architectural frameworks, methodologies, and tools when preparing a solution that’s right for your business.

Before determining what’s right for your needs, it make sense to understand some of the current options.
Tape Storage

Unlike some of the "web" distributors or "catalog" companies, we’re truly feet-on-the-street, offering hands-on services and solutions. By working closely with each customer we take a holistic assessment of the facilities and infrastructure; we make recommendations that focus on best-practices to support such areas as: monitoring, airflow, power, cooling, security and design/layout. Our goals are to help data center managers improve energy efficiency, reduce power consumption, lower energy costs and maximize the space of the existing infrastructure. Our proficiencies address the following subject matter:

Tape Formats

LTO Ultrium
First introduced in 2000, LTO is currently in its 6th generation featuring a storage capacity of 6.25TB and up to 400 MB/sec transfer rate with data compression. Each release has maintained backwards compatibility and there’s currently a 10 Generation roadmap so you’re assured that it’s a technology that you can rely on in the future.

LTO Ultrium technology was developed jointly by HP, IBM and Certance (Seagate) now Quantum to provide a clear and viable choice in an increasingly complex array of tape storage options. LTO tape provides a robust, highly convenient and very cost effective way of storing data and may be a perfect solution for your needs.
LTFS (Linear Tape File System)
LTFS available on LTO 5’s and generations thereafter, allows files to be stored and accessed in a similar fashion to those on disk or removable flash drives. It requires both a specific format of data on the tape media and software to provide a file system interface to the data. Linear Tape File System (LTFS) presents a tape library as a NAS share, enabling users to leverage familiar file system tools, and even drag and drop files directly to and from a tape cartridge just like a disk-based NAS share.

LTFS Tape-NAS Archive Solutions provide:
  • Easy file access, Users can directly access archived files
  • Lower total storage costs, Free up primary storage, reduce backup demands
  • Simple “drag and drop” archive, Familiar file system views and tools
  • Easy installation, Start using within hours
  • Open standard format, Ensure data accessibility and easier portability
IBM 3592 (Jaguar)
IBM 3592 tape cartridges are designed to help enterprise data centers satisfy increased demands for data retention, security and availability while working with reduced budgets.

With enterprise tape libraries managing thousands of cartridges, the cost and logistics of upgrading the tape media can be expensive and daunting. IBM 3592 tape cartridges support media re-use by enabling the drive to reformat and upgrade prior generation tape cartridges. That means existing tape cartridges attain both improved performance and capacity which helps you mitigate the impact of an upgrade.

There are currently five (5) generations of the 3592 (Jaguar) tape drives. They are 3592 J1A, TS1120, TS1130, TS1140, and TS1150. IBM 3592 tape cartridges are available in packs of twenty, and cleaning cartridges come in packs of five. ON-LINE stocks all generations of 3592’s as well as the cleaning cartridges and we offer in-house, pre-labeling on all media orders so your tapes arrive quickly and ready for service.

Ultra-high capacity makes the StorageTek T10000 tape cartridges ideal for all high-volume backup, archiving, and disaster recovery applications.

The T10000 T2 tape cartridge can store five times more data than previous-generation cartridges enabling massive scalability to meet future growth requirements. Consequently, you’re able to buy fewer cartridges and conserve storage footprint compared to other tape technologies.

Data security is further enhanced by Oracle’s StorageTek VolSafe tape cartridge secure media technology, which provides write once, read many (WORM) protection.

ON-LINE stocks all generations of T1000 as well as cleaning cartridges and we offer in-house, pre-labeling on all orders so your tapes arrive quickly and ready for service.


Is Cloud Computing an Option for Your Business?

With so many different Cloud offerings, how do you determine the right solution for your business or Industry?

Gartner, Inc. named cloud as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2015 that will have a significant impact on organizations during the next three years. Says the research firm, “Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing, and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style.”

In addition to process efficiencies and cost reductions, cloud offers the scalability, speed to market, and centralization to coordinate and manage applications across various devices.

As cloud continues to prove its potential, IT Executives will need to evaluate and determine where the greatest strategic opportunities exist for cloud throughout their organization.

ON-LINE can provide vendor neutral guidance to align your business goals with a cloud plan and migration services to convert legacy applications to support new cloud technology. Should your organization be short staffed, ON-LINE Professional Services can provide on-site experts to run and continually optimize your cloud operations. Cloud Backup and Recovery.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

ON-LINE has the expertise to assist with a design, deployment and support of a fully managed Cloud backup and recovery solution built on best-of-breed technologies.

We assist with all phases including setting the backup retention rules, setting schedules and advice on how to best protect the data in the most cost effective manner. Our backup and recovery experts employ best practices gained from years of industry experience from a myriad of businesses.

Most importantly we listen to the client’s needs and design a customized data protection solution around the company’s unique requirements. We know that business continuity is more than just backing up data or failing over to an alternative site. It's building resiliency into your IT solutions from the beginning so your systems and data can fall back and return to their previous state, as though nothing happened.

It doesn't matter if the disaster is big or small. If you can't pick up right where you left off, it isn't a true recovery. We can help you to meet virtually any data protection requirement.

Private Cloud

ON-LINE has expertise to build your private cloud backup system including storage, servers, firewalls, backup software and we can assist with design, deployment and support of such systems.

Our Private cloud options may exist on or off premises and can be hosted or managed as a service. Access to your private cloud is limited to your organization only and to whom the organization grants access.
  • Security: High level of security since private clouds can only be accessed by designated people. This is of great importance if your business handles or deals with sensitive information (e.g. financial, healthcare or government agencies).
  • Control and flexibility: You have the ability to control what your cloud looks like and how it is used.
  • Ease: You don’t have to worry about maintaining a system, it is taken care of by the host unless it is hosted in-house.
Leverage our expertise to help build and deploy a Private Cloud for your business.


When should you use specific disk-based backup products and technologies? How can you fit them into your storage architecture?

Hard disk developments continue to bring a mixture of increased capacity and either stable or increased performance at lower cost. The most successful enterprise storage strategy will continue to be one that uses both flash and hard disk. ON-LINE experts can help you simplify the options with fast, flexible, efficient and application-integrated Data Storage solutions that can start small and scale without limits.

Data Deduplication

OEM’s offer data deduplication to reduce the amount of disk space needed which reduces overall costs. Data deduplication greatly reduces the amount of disk required by only storing unique bytes or blocks from backup to backup. Over an average retention period, deduplication will use about 1/10th to 1/50th of the disk, depending on the mix of data types. On average, the deduplication ratio is 20:1. The method by which deduplication is implemented can change everything about backup.

Adaptive Deduplication

ExaGrid has developed deduplication and offsite replication processes whereby they occurs in parallel with the backups. Deduplication and replication never impede the backup process as they always are second order priority. ExaGrid calls this “adaptive deduplication.”

Westborough, Mass., October 6, 2015 – ExaGrid®, a leading provider of disk-based backup storage with data deduplication solutions, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. as the sole Visionary in the Visionaries quadrant of the 2015 “Magic Quadrant for Deduplication Backup Target Appliances.”
ExaGrid’s architecture provides the fastest backups, restores, recoveries and tape copies in the business. They offer a series of 10 backup storage appliances that can be mixed and matched in a scale-out GRID. Any size or age appliance can co-exist in the same GRID and can scale from a single 1TB full backup up to an 800TB full back up in a single GRID. The system is flexible as the proper size appliances can be added as they need it.

Let ON-LINE design an ExaGrid System that can take the stress out of backup storage.