Since 1987 ON-LINE has achieved a leadership position providing Products and Services to support Facilities Management and their physical infrastructure. Emerged in Technology Solutions, ON-LINE offers an experienced team of Consultative Professionals who understand the challenges facing Facilities Managers trying to support the rapid changeover of Technology. Our Solutions expertise encompasses the entire footprint of Facilities Management including:
ON-LINE provides data center design, engineering, construction and installation services utilizing 28 years of experience.

Data Center Design and Installation

As a single point of contact, we combine the talents of architectural, engineering, mechanical, electrical, and project management expertise to deliver a complete turn-key job or just a specific piece of the overall project.

Whether you are building a new Data Center, expanding your existing space, relocating, installing a hybrid cooling solution or upgrading your UPS, ON-LINE can guide you every step of the way, from discovery to implementation.

Providing solutions designed for optimal efficiency that reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and protect valuable IT Assets.
ON-LINE provides best-of-breed, vendor neutral products and solutions to mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime and maintain uninterruptable power to the facility. Our solutions range includes:
  • Consultative Power Assessments
  • Smart Monitoring and Remote Access via IP
  • UPS Design, Upgrade, Installation and maintenance
  • Predictive Battery Monitoring Services
  • DC Power Design, Upgrade, Installation and maintenance
  • Battery Recycle and Disposal Services
  • PDU Design, Upgrade, Installation and maintenance
  • Busway Design and Installation
  • Automatic Transfer Switching (ATS)
ON-LINE provides a comprehensive portfolio of Data Center Cooling Solutions for any capacity or space.
Hot or Cold Aisle Containment?
The industry continues to debate the relative efficiency benefits from each option. Regardless of which solution you choose, Air Containment is a low cost, high value approach to increasing the effectiveness of your current air conditioning investments while significantly reducing the associated power costs by increasing cooling efficiencies.
ON-LINE can provide the experts to assess your current airflow and cooling efficiencies and introduce the options that save energy and cut costs.
Cold Aisle Containment
Purpose built to prevent the mixing of heated exhaust air with cool air generated from a CRAC or other cooling models, Cold Aisle Containment is an ideal solution for retrofitting existing rooms or small physical footprint requirements. This solution confines the cold air and targets it to IT equipment instead of the room.
Custom designed to meet the unique needs of each installation, ON-LINE solutions can span any length-row of cabinets and adapts to complicated ceiling heights and overhead pathways. The benefits of Cold Aisle Containment include:
  • Elimination of Hot Spots
  • Allows for Higher Ambient Room Heat
  • Increased Power Densities (6 kW to 30+ kW)
  • Efficient Utilization of Supplied Cold Air, Reducing Chilled Air Waste
  • Improves CRAC Unit Efficiency
Hot Aisle Containment
Security and Monitoring
Management relies on immediate and secure access to facilities, systems and information. ON-LINE offers a broad portfolio of solutions to help you manage the complexity of hybrid environments that ensure the right people have the right level of access to the services they need, whenever they need them.
Identity-Powered Access
Identity-Powered Security Solutions work by integrating identity information with security monitoring, giving you the security intelligence you need, when you need it, to detect and respond to abnormal activity that signals a data breach or compliance gap. This means that you can secure, manage and measure what matters most to your organization and make sense of the shifting relationships between individuals, devices, behaviors and technology services.
Benefits include:
  • Fast and Secure Access
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Secure and Simple Password Management using Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Easy-to-control Access Management to IT resources
  • Control Access for IT Regulatory Compliance
  • Control and Monitor Privileged Users
  • Delegated Administration Management
Security Management
The Power of Identity to deliver actionable and timely security intelligence

Our Security Management Solutions provide visibility and control of user activities, security events, and critical systems across your organization to help you quickly address evolving threats.
Benefits include:
  • Detect and Disrupt Data Breaches Quickly
  • Identify Threats before they do damage
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Configure Systems to protect against threats
  • Configure Critical Systems for Maximum Security
  • Monitor Access and Access Change
  • Control and Monitor Privileged Users

Facility Monitoring

Our room alert products monitor Computer Rooms, Data Centers and other facilities for conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, Power, Water Detection, Smoke & Fire, Air Flow, Room Entry, Motion & Camera’s; alerting and logging events in real time.
ON-LINE employs methods and procedures sanctioning “Disaster Prevention” rather than “Disaster Recovery.” We’ll help you set up service portals allowing users to manage room alert monitors through the cloud allowing access from any mobile device. We can also set up notifications by email and SMS and notify multiple users at multiple thresholds.

Let ON-LINE show you the best methods and products to Manage and Monitor you facility.
Other Areas of Security Expertise
  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Surveillance and Video Management Systems
  • Credential, Badging, and Visitor Management Solutions
  • Emergency Communications
  • Locking Hardware and Key Management for Server Cabinets

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) was developed to support the convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organization. The goal of a DCIM initiative is to provide administrators with a holistic view of the Data Center's performance so that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

By recent count there were more than 75 DCiM vendors ranging from “startups” to well-entrenched players. Evaluating the right vendor can be overwhelming considering that choosing the wrong one might not meet the essential infrastructure objectives of the other stakeholders.

ON-LINE works with clients to determine the exact elements required for their customized view of the Enterprise IT Infrastructure. Being inherently vendor neutral we can create a long term plan that starts with the core monitoring and measuring of critical power and cooling and expand with integration to other systems and functionality when needed.

Recent research by Gartner, Inc. suggests that organizations looking to get started with DCIM should consider pilot projects and limited implementations.

ON-LINE can help you to start small and expand your DCIM implementation as your needs change. We work to deliver a solution that will provide data granular enough to allow an operator to improve facilities and IT efficiencies and pay for itself in short order as operating and labor efficiencies take hold. When savings are realized from efficiency gains, the DCIM system can be expanded with integration and functionality to support other systems and departments, endorsing value for all stakeholders.
DCiM Objectives:
  • Multi-site Visibility
  • Capacity Management
  • Power Management
  • Green Data Center
  • Baselining and Real-time Monitoring
  • Optimization Roadmap
  • Asset Management
Contact us to find out more about how our DCiM Solutions can work for your organization.

Connectivity and Installation Services

Working with a vision for the future and the experience from the past, ON-LINE is adept at providing a total connectivity solution for the Data Center, SAN and Mainframe environments.
With a team of technical architects at our disposal, we can provide a complete site solution that combines copper and fiber cabling technology for critical data, voice, video and low-voltage. Our team will provide whatever is needed to complete a turn-key copper or fiber optic solution that includes:
  • High-density Plug and Play solutions supporting up to 40 and 100Gb/s
  • Full line of RIC, SWIC and FCP rack and wall-mount fiber enclosures
  • Pre-terminated and tested trunking assemblies in custom lengths, fiber counts and configurations
  • High-performance, factory-tested jumpers and pigtails
  • Field-terminated connectivity — multiple LC, SC and ST configurations, individual and mass fusion splice solutions
  • Fiber Cable Offering — Multimode OM1 62.5/125, OM2, OM3 and OM4 50/125, and Single mode OS1/OS2p
  • Passive Optical LAN splitters and enclosures
  • Cisco-compatible SFP+ and QSFP high speed interconnect assemblies
  • Comprehensive solutions for all infrastructure types—CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, fiber optic, and wireless networks
  • High-performance CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A cable and patch panels
  • Outside plant capabilities for buried and aerial cable networks, CATV, and video systems, including placing poles and erecting transmitters and receivers
  • Worry-free, multisite National project management
  • Cable system management, thorough documentation, and computer-aided design
  • Staff pf BICSI-certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers and BICSI-certified technicians.
  • Wi-Fi /WLAN Network Design and Engineering, designing a plan based on exact needs and budget to provide optimum performance
  • WLAN Installation to integrate a new wireless system into existing network, installing all wireless equipment, certifying its operation and testing all access points
  • Complete configuration of access points and hardware
Audio & Visual Technology Integration
Working with project managers, programming engineers and installation technicians, we integrate cutting edge Audio & Visual solutions into any physical infrastructure.

Examples of application specific Centers served include:
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Conference and Collaboration Rooms
  • Network Operations
  • Security Operations
  • Emergency Operations
  • Cyber Operations
  • Fusion Centers
  • Social Media Command Center
  • Situation Rooms
We understand that matching the proper A/V components is vital to the consequential success of the project. As a Value Added Technology Integrator, ON-LINE is adept to merge a wide range of state-of-the-art technology options that bring together functionality and ease-of-use.

From conception to the completed installation, we have the Technology Resources to create a dynamic experience for each relevant audience.

Collaboration using Infopresence™

A revolutionary concept to connect individuals or teams into a common workspace, regardless of which room they are in, is made possible using Mezzanine and Infopresence™ by Oblong. Participants can add, view, and interact with content as if each were side by side.

ON-LINE is an exclusive integrator for Mezzanine. We can demonstrate how you’re able to control and contribute instantly, from any device and from any Mezzanine room.
Mezzanine supports BYOD and multi-participant control enabling participation through a web browser and iOS/Android devices. You’re able to contribute content and fully interact with the workspace, anywhere in the world.

Contact us find out how Mezzanine can work for you.

Critical Environment Cleaning

We’ve taken the “Google” search out of finding Critical Environment Cleaning specialists.
Exploiting 28 years of industry experience and listening to customer recommendations, we’ve enlisted the highest skilled, most experienced cleaning technicians available. Deploying the most advanced and effective cleaning techniques and the safest cleaning solutions formulated for high-tech environments, your facility will become the beneficiary of outstanding cleaning results and value for the expenditure.
Our Professional Services Include
  • Interior/Exterior Equipment & Environment Cleaning
  • Cleaning of VCT, Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) and Concrete Surfaces & Flooring
  • Raised-Floor Cleaning
  • Under Floor (Plenum) Cleaning with HEPA Vacuum
  • Stringer and Pedestal Cleaning
  • Ceiling Plenum Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Return Vents and Grills
  • Subfloor Sealing
  • Equipment Encapsulation
  • Cable Mining
  • Zinc Whisker Remediation
  • Final Post-Construction Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance
To learn more please contact us to schedule a free consultation and quote or to receive further information on any of our Cleaning Services.

Secure Asset Disposition and Destruction

Finding a “trash dealer” is easy but finding a partner that understands secure and proper methods for the disposal of electronic equipment can be a discouraging task.

ON-LINE practices a zero-landfill policy when it comes to our data destruction and electronics recycling methods and partners. Our stringent recycling practices pledge 100% customer confidentiality, eliminating the risk of a Data Breach.

We support every industry and understand the regulations respectively mandating their security protocols including:
  • The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB)
  • Regulation S-P
  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • CThe Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)
  • The Red Flags Rule

Tape and Hard Drive Destruction

ON-LINE offers on-site and off-site data destruction by means of shredding and degaussing to protect data breach from corporations and government agencies nationwide.
Our purpose-built trucks can pull up to any loading dock or parking area and completely destroy tapes and hard drives as you watch. For classified tape and hard drive destruction we offer a two-step process, degaussing then shredding. Degaussing alters the magnetic domain rendering data unrecoverable. This two- step process meets DoD guidelines and for record keeping is duly noted in the final Certificate of Destruction.

No job is too small or too large. Contact us for a free site consultation and a solution that best fits your requirements.


ON-LINE has the resources and expertise to help your company create a new revenue stream by repurposing your decommissioned, obsolete IT equipment.
Provided there is still value, we will make you a fair market value offer, arrange for transportation logistics, and buy-back your equipment, reducing the environmental impact of landfill disposal. For many companies, the ROI they receive can often offset the expense of the IT asset disposal services.

Need a National ITAD Provider? Contact ON-LINE today!