Professional Services

Services by Capability

  • Infrastructure Project Management
  • Virtualization
  • Data Center Moves and Migrations
  • Legacy Data Conversion and Migration
  • Security Assessment and Planning
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration
  • Facilities Management
  • Data Portability Solutions
  • Software Licensing Solutions
  • Secured Asset Disposition

5 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2016
By Bernard Golden, CIO; Jan 20, 2016

I believe 2016 will deliver the coup de grace to the “enterprise cloud.” Going forward, every cloud provider with ambitions to be a major market presence will have to fight on the territory of the big players, which will pose its own set of challenges.

ON-LINE Computer Products Hires New Leadership to its Professional Services Division:

Company appoints Ken Holland & George Maroulakos to supportservices growth for ON-LINE

Norwood, Massachusetts — January 19th, 2016

Vendors are turning up the heat to boost their revenue, licensing experts warn

By Katherine Noyes

IDG News Service Jan 27, 2016 3:25 AM

Consultative Advisory

ON-LINE Professional provides experienced, practical, technology subject matter experts to realize your technology vision for your organization.

With technology constantly evolving, it’s becoming more and more difficult for IT Executives to stay informed and to find the time and resources to assess their existing IT landscape. Organizations typically lack the time and staff to master the range of technologies required to support the holistic IT infrastructure. ON-LINE Professional Services will provide realistic council and strategy to formulate your vision and execute on the opportunity in various domains, including:

  • Data Center and IT Infrastructure Assessment
  • Data Storage and Management
  • Cloud Migration Solutions
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Infrastructure Process Development & Governance
  • Data Forensics & Governance Advisory
  • Security and SOC services
  • Facility evaluation and selection
  • Secure Asset Disposition
  • Proposal Creation and RFP Governance
  • Vendor Management and Negotiation
As an impartial client advocate, we align the initiatives and goals of the business with those of the CIO and CTO to provide a vendor agnostic technology road map.

Data Center Diagnostic Services

Often times, our clients struggle with how to embark on the challenges set forth to reduce operational costs with more efficient and better infrastructure services supported within their Data Center. At ON-LINE Professional Service, we begin with a diagnostic review of the Data Center landscape supporting your organization. Our experts spend time at your site, interviewing business and IT stakeholders to understand their objectives while analyzing the current condition of your data center against the defined objectives. Areas covered during the diagnostic review include:

  • Site Inspection(s): Locations vulnerability to risk
  • Real Estate Capacity: Characteristics of building and propensity for expansion
  • Security: Protocols for site access
  • Power: Infrastructure, Redundancy and Resilience
  • Mechanical: Electrical and Cooling Capacity and effectiveness, scope for future growth
  • Computer Hardware—High level assessment of IT Equipment , Appliances & Racking
  • Mobility Security and Management
  • Data Storage Architecture
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Protocols
Upon completion of the diagnostic review, we provide a detailed report showing the current state of your data center correlating to an Uptime Institute Tier. Using this matrix we’re able to recommend “quick wins” that often times can be achieved with marginal investment and begin mapping the technology improvements together with your initiatives and priorities.

Infrastructure Transformation Services

We engage experts in every major infrastructure subject matter, making us adept in coordinating projects and services across a variety of disciplines.

Services Highlights

  • Infrastructure Project Management
  • Virtualization
  • Data Center Moves and Migrations
  • Legacy Data Conversion and Migration
  • Security Assessment and Planning
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cloud Migration
  • Facilities Management
  • Data Portability Solutions
  • Asset Disposition
We act as your central point of contact, managing, tracking and reporting progress toward defined objectives. We are the change agent to execute on strategic opportunities and help set governance on lifecycle and procurement procedures to mitigate risk and keep the project driving towards successful completion.

Turnkey Managed Services Solutions

“We’re practiced and proficient in designing, deploying and supporting solutions for every industry and to satisfy the needs of all levels of corporate leadership. We leverage our extensive pool of vendor resources to provide on-time, cost savings solutions that become models for corporate standards”

When time and staff are short and few, we can provide turnkey solutions that incorporate technology, strategy, and business derived purpose built around your specific needs. Our fundamental approach uses technology endorsed by industry analysts and the advisory community and not from recommendations found solely from a Google search.

Solutions Highlights

  • Maintenance and Support for Servers, Storage and Networks Appliances
  • Service Availability Management
  • Cloud Backup Solution Management
  • Telecommunication / Network Management
  • Premium Business Collaboration Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Cloud Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Infrastructure Operation Management

Featured Solutions
VMware: Cloud Infrastructure and Mobility Solutions enabled by One Cloud, any Application, any Device
VMware is the choice for more than 500,000 customers. With a unified hybrid cloud based on VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center, you gain a consistently managed and secure environment across private, managed and public clouds, for all applications. Let us show you the VMware advantage and how we can deliver the best solutions for your enterprise.
TERiX: Third-Party Maintenance to Maximize the Value of your IT Investments
3rd Party
Trying to maintain your IT equipment past the manufacturer’s warranty? Consider 3rd Party Maintenance powered by TERiX. We offer cost savings hardware and software maintenance solutions for Sun™ (NASDAQ: JAVA), IBM™ (NYSE: IBM), and HP™ (NYSE: HPQ), Unixbased servers, Wintel/Blade servers, EMC (NYSE: EMC), STK and Network Appliance storage.
Migration, Relocation & Consolidation, Resources for Success
Avoid overloading internal resources, accelerate your project and mitigate your risk utilizing ON-LINE Professional Services. We can provide experienced, time-tested professionals to help develop a plan, deploy, and manage all aspects of a Data Center Transition be it Physical, Virtual, Hybrid or Decommissioning.
PlateSpin Migrate: Anywhere-to-Anywhere Migration for All Workloads in the Data Center
Plate Spin
PlateSpin Migrate automates the process of moving server workloads over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives. All from a single point of control at the desktop, PlateSpin Migrate allows you to remotely decouple workloads and stream them to and from physical or virtual hosts. Anywhere-to-anywhere workload migration with the broadest multiplatform support for hypervisors, operating systems, and server hardware.
Software Asset Management (SAM)
Minimize Risk. Reduce IT costs. Maximize End User Productivity.
Having a good SAM methodology implementation will provide much more to an organization’s stability than merely a onetime audit defense. While compliance is a crucial component to SAM, SAM provides the tools to effectively manage, control, and protect your software assets throughout all stages of the software lifecycle. Learn how ON-LINE can help your organization minimize risk, reduce IT costs and maximize user productivity with a SAM implementation.